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November 2020

Undergraduate students Whitney Jones (Size-specific fish habitat use patterns on offshore oil platforms) and Michael Joyce (Hypsypops rubicundus egg and larval size variation) each received a CSU COAST Undergraduate Research Award! Thank you COAST!

October 2020

Did our first scouting dives on the recently completed Palos Verdes Reef restoration project to plan the stereo-video sampling design for graduate student James Sturges' thesis project. The video data collected can also be used as a baseline for establishing how fine scale habitat use patterns of fish on the new habitat change over time. Lots of fish already taking up residence on the new high relief habitat!

September 2020

Construction resumes on the Palos Verdes Reef restoration project! After working for the past decade on the background research, design and implementation of this project with the Vantuna Research Group and the NOAA Montrose Settlements Restoration Program it is exciting to see it being built. Can't wait to start studying how fish use the restored habitat once it is completed!

August 2020

Undergraduate student Gabby Yang was awarded a CPP Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) research fellowship!

July 2020

"It worked!" Graduate student Chelsea Williams successfully validated that the rings on Garibaldi otoliths (inner ear bones) are produced annually. She used a method where wild fish are captured, injected with tetracycline, and then re-captured 14 months later. The tetracycline, which is rapidly incorporated into bone tissue, glows yellow under fluorescent light on the sectioned otolith showing that one ring was formed outside of that mark during the 14 months after it was initially tagged.

May 2020

Jeremy and graduate student Chelsea Williams were featured on the CSU Website in a story about the research CSU faculty and students have been doing on the fishes living associated with the oil platforms off the coast of California and how this is contributing to the state and federal decision making process about the fate of these structures once they reach the end of their economic lifespans.

May 2020

Two graduate students from our lab took home awards at the annual CPP Biological Sciences awards banquet - Austin Pyles received the Larry McKane Teaching Assistant Scholarship and James Sturges received the Rachel Carson Environmental Science Scholarship!

April 2020

Graduate student James Sturges received the CSU COAST Graduate Student Research Award for his proposal to investigate fish habitat use patterns using stereo-video camera systems on the Palos Verdes Restoration Reef! Thank you COAST!

July 2020

Graduate student Austin Pyles' Southern California Academy of Sciences (SCAS) student research grant proposal was funded to support his field research on Garibaldi habitat use and reproductive biology! As part of the funding Austin will present his research results at the next SCAS Annual Meeting.

April 2020

Jeremy's research on fish living on offshore oil platforms was featured in a Seafood Source Article titled: California’s offshore oil platforms, now marine hotspots, face removal

April 2020

Two undergraduates in the lab were each awarded a CSU COAST Summer Internship​​​ with the California Department of Fish and ​Wildlife!!! Matt Kim will be working with the CDFW San Diego office on their Marine Invertebrate Fisheries Management​​ program, and Whitney Jones will be working with the Santa Barbara office on the emerging box crab fishery. Thank you CSU COAST for supporting these internships!

January 2020

Jeremy gave a presentation at an Offshore Oil Platform Decommissioning Forum hosted by the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA. Link to PDF of workshop report. Undergraduates Matt Kim and Gabby Yang, along with graduate students Austin Pyles and Chelsea Williams attended, and we all learned so much about the legal, technical, and political challenges for CA offshore oil platform decommissioning. Thanks CSU COAST for covering the students' reg fees!

November 2019

Undergraduate student Gabby Yang was awarded the CSU COAST Undergraduate Research Funding Award for her project analyzing stereo-video data collected in Hawaii to look at abundance patterns of Yellow Tang, Zebrasoma flavescens, inside and outside of Marine Protected Areas. Thank you COAST!

November 2019

(soon to be) Graduate student, Brenda Calderon, and undergraduate student, Gabby Yang, completed their PADI Advanced Open Water Certification Course through the BRIC. The course included a weekend dive trip in Dana Point. Both did their fish ID and underwater photography specialty certifications. This course was a great next step after the PADI Open Water Certification Course.

November 2019

Jeremy and graduate students Austin Pyles, Jacob Eagleton and (CPP Snail Lab member) Kendall Feliciano had a great time at the 2019 Western Society of Naturalists annual meeting in Ensenada, Mexico. Austin and Jacob presented posters on their thesis research got a lot of great feedback. They also received CSU COAST Travel Awards to fund their travel! Thanks COAST!

October 2019

Undergraduate students Matthew Kim and Whitney Jones completed their PADI Open Water Certification Course through the BRIC! The course included a weekend dive trip and graduate student Jacob Eagleton in our lab was their instructor!

October 2019

Undergraduate student Gabby Yang was accepted into the Ernest Prete Jr. Fellowship Program run by the Center for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (CEMaST). She will be working with an elementary school teacher learning about lesson planning and will eventually teach a science lesson to her assigned PUSD class!

August 2019

Undergraduate student Gabby Yang completed the (MOTC) Motorboat Operator Training Course taught by the (SCMI) Southern California Marine Institute. The weeklong course includes classroom and pool safety training, and time operating, launching and trailering small research vessels. With CPP's membership in the CSU Ocean Studies Institute, CPP students and faculty can take the boating training course for free (with a faculty sponsor).

August 2019

Graduate student Jacob Eagleton completed his PADI SCUBA Instructor Certification at Buddy Dive in Bonaire! The cost of the course was subsidized by the BRIC and he'll now work to help teach courses in their scuba program.

August 2019

Undergraduate student Gabby Yang was awarded the Scholars Program in Research, Education, and Science (SPIRES) research fellowship. She is now a National Science Foundation Scholar!

July 2019

Undergraduates Brenda Calderon, John DiGildo, and Gabby Yang completed their PADI Open Water Recreational SCUBA Certification through the BRIC. The course included an overnight boat trip to Catalina Island to do the ocean dives and we were able to spot a baby octopus!

April 2019

Undergraduate student Brenda Calderon created a poster on histological gonad preparation and female reproductive patterns of the Garibaldi, Hypsypops rubicundus, for the Cal Poly Pomona 14th Annual Science Research Symposium. While she was sick that day and not able to present it, the other students in the lab filled in and did a great job! Lots of compliments on Brenda's poster design. 

January 2019

Jeremy was on a podcast! Episode 338 entitled "Crude Habitat" of 99% Invisible discusses the rigs-to-reefs controversy surrounding offshore oil drilling in California and what to do with the underwater steel support structures of the platforms once they cease pumping oil. 

July 2018

Jeremy joined the Board of Directors of the Marine Conservation Research Institute (MCRI) at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. MCRI is a boundary organization creating interactions between the scientific community, policymakers and the public on matters related to ocean and environmental issues.

July 2018

(recent graduate) Undergraduate Stephanie Franck was awarded and is thoroughly enjoying her position in the San Diego Zoo/San Diego Zoo Safari Park - Exotic Animal Nutrition Summer Fellow Program which involves learning how to care for baby wallabies!

July 2018

Jeremy and graduate students Chelsea Williams, Austin Pyles, Jacob Eagleton, and (CPP Coastal Ecology Lab member) Claire Arre completed the (MOTC) Motorboat Operator Training Course taught by the (SCMI) Southern California Marine Institute. The weeklong course includes classroom and pool safety training, and time operating, launching and trailering small research vessels. With CPP's membership in the CSU Ocean Studies Institute​, CPP students and faculty can take the course for free (with an OSI faculty sponsor).

June 2018

Jeremy participated in a legislative briefing at the California State Legislature in Sacramento on Artificial Reefs: The State of the Science in California. The briefing was organized by CSU COAST program and Jeremy gave a presentation on the Palos Verdes Reef Restoration Project and answered questions from legislative staffers and state government agencies.

May 2018

Graduate student Ben Grime received an CPP OUR Conference Presentation Award to present his thesis research at the joint American Malacological Society (AMS)/Western Society of Malacologists (WSM) Annual Meeting in Honolulu Hawaii this summer! Thanks OUR!

May 2018

Graduate student Chelsea Williams received a Best Student Poster Honorable Mention for her poster “Spatial variation in life-history characteristics of a non-fished pomacentrid, Hypsypops rubicundus, in the Southern California Bight” and the 2018 Southern California Academy of Sciences Annual Meeting.

March 2018

Graduate student Ben Grime was profiled on the CSU website featuring our ARI funded abalone aquaculture and population restoration research.

January 2018

Graduate student Ben Grime was awarded the CSU COAST Graduate Student Research Award for his proposal investigating the influence of temperature on spawning and larval survival of the endangered green abalone. Thank you COAST!

June 2017

Graduate student Chelsea Williams received an Edward C. Raney Award from the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists to support her thesis project on Garibaldi life history.  

April 2017

(recent graduate) Undergraduate Jacob Eagleton is doing an internship at

Dauphin Island Sea Lab in Alabama getting great fisheries research experience getting to assist with collecting fish via longline, gillnet, seine net, and trawling, while also participating in fish tagging, processing, and life history techniques.

March 2017

Graduate student Chelsea Williams received a Southern California Academy of Sciences Student Research Grant to support her thesis project on Garibaldi life history

November 2016

Undergraduate student Stephanie Frank was awarded the CSU COAST Undergraduate Research Funding Award for her project developing histological methods to investigate reproductive biology of Garibaldi. Thank you COAST!

October 2016

Graduate student, Chelsea Williams received a CSU COAST Travel Award to present her research at the (WSN) Western Society of Naturalists Annual Meeting in Monterey California. Thank you COAST!

August 2016

Graduate student Ben Grime was featured in a Long Beach Daily Breeze Article about efforts to restore abalone populations along the southern California coastline.

June 2016

Our CSU (ARI) Agricultural Research Institute proposal was funded! We will be developing methods to spawn green abalone in the lab and providing research training opportunities to a graduate and an undergraduate student in applied aquaculture and wild population restoration.